BRACO 200 (1815-2015)

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Welcome to the blog site for Braco 200 where you can post your own ideas for marking the bicentenary and your comments, find out what’s on, the historical background and what others are saying. A lot of work has already gone on behind the scenes, so come and help us make it a year to remember.

Upcoming news:-

New history of Braco. Please click on Old Tales of Braco and Ardoch Parish before 1915 to find out how to get your copy.

The History Fair was a roaring success – thanks to the hard work of those involved and those who sauntered down. Now we are gearing up for the Street Party on June 20th. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

7 thoughts on “BRACO 200 (1815-2015)

  1. Walter Hanlan says:

    Braco 200
    what’s the overall planning of activities?


    • ardochtrust says:

      Hi Walter,
      There is a group responsible and Fiona Watson will be moderating the blog when back in a couple of days. I’ve just managed to get the hang of this, to cover for her, and find your comment, so apologies in delay. Members of steering committee are Dave Macleod/ Mike Cox/ Fiona Watson/ Fionna Keiller and Douglas Keiller as far as I’m aware. There are a few dates arranged already which Fiona W. will post here and on the calendar. No doubt when the play is over, things will get a bit less hectic for her. Meantime if you have an idea please put it up here and get the ball rolling. So far I’m aware of a school event in March, a street party on 13 June and a history/photo exhibition around the same time. Cheers, Jodi


  2. Thanks for that jodi
    i put a few questions on a blog the last time I was in the site but it seems to have been lost. All to do with WW1 commemoration for the legion.
    can I try again?


  3. This is what I wanted to post found it on my own wordpress site (don’t ask how or even why I have a site as it all happened when I visited the old ADT site

    WW1 Centenary commemorations are now on sale from the shop and have been for a wee time but as us Braco’yts know there is really no where to advertise any event etc,

    That was an advert

    As you may be aware I and the Legion are doing a commemoration to those “fallen” in our area who gave their “today for your tomorrow”

    I need help with the 1939 to 1945 war. As for WW1 I am researching the names of the fallen inscribed on our war memorial but there are a few blank spaces like Photos and family connections and where they lived. YOU may know them you may be family you may well be just a good buddy.

    Could you Help me with the names below they are the members of our community I am trying to trace to commemorate their sacrifice for us and our’s please help or on me blog I live in at 6 Ardoch Grove next to my favorite sport now the bowling green or give me a call 01786880461 there is an aswer phone I think

    1939 to 1945

    2nd Engineer Alex Blair Merchant Navy

    Squadron Leader R G Falconar Stewart DFC Royal Air Force

    Ronald George Falconar Stewart – Service number 145856(pilot) – Born 1921 the son of Major Falconar Stewart and Mrs Stewart of Braco. Husband of Betty Margaret Stewart of Torrington Essex. He Flew with R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve 156 Squadron and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for Bravery. Ronald Died 02/01/1944 and is buried in Berlin 1939 – 1945 War Cemetery, grave Ref 4.D.17.

    Flight Sargent Thomas Graham Royal Air Force

    Lance Bombardier David G Kelly Royal Artillery

    David Graham Kelly – Service number 934906 – Born 1917 the son of Robert and Margaret Kelly of BRACO. David served with the R.A. 80 Anti-tank Regiment and died 02/11/1943 aged 26 and is buried in the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, grave Ref 2.J.16.

    Air Craft Woman 2ndClass Caroline S N Stewart Royal Air Force

    Caroline Snodgrass Allan Stewart – Service number 2150737 – Born 1926 the daughter of Duncan Stewart and Margaret Rumbles Stewart of BRACO. Caroline served with the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force died 05/11/1945 aged 19 and is buried in W.A.A.F grave D40 in Dunblane cemetery.

    Sapper Hugh S McFarlane Royal Engineers

    Hugh Stewart McFarlane – Service number 1923049 – Born 1919 the son of William Stewart McFarlane and Maggie McFarlane of Greenloaning. Hugh served with the Royal Engineers died 30/05/1940 aged 21 and is buried in Le Grand – Luce War Cemetery row B grave 12

    Private John Mitchell Black Watch

    John Mitchell – Service number 2758635 – Born 1919 the son of Thomas and Janet McFarlane Mitchell of Braco. John served with the 1st Battalion Black Watch died 02/12/1944 aged 25 and is buried the Krakow Rakowicki War Cemetery grave 2.D.4

    Sargent James Reid Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    1st Radio Officer George Smith Merchant Navy

    George Smith was Born 1910 and served on the ill-fated merchant ship “S.S. Empire Light” of Glasgow and is preserved on the Tower Hill Memorial panel 43


  4. ardochtrust says:

    Best bet would be to ask the friendly archivists at AK Bell Library in Perth to help you out – maybe cross referencing Imperial War Museum records with local parish records or !931/41 census records if they have access to them. Looks like you’ve found most of them already. If you want to track down living relatives…. maybe


  5. The information I have has come from the sources you have mentioned and I am still looking it takes a while but if someone knows the person or persons it saves a lot of hunting in all the archives though I have to verify all that has been told or written and as you can see frae my ww1 a photo saves a thousand words.


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