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braco in the snow (17)

Although many people have always lived in the area mostly in scattered farmhouses, it was felt that this community needed a focus, not least in order to attract more tradesmen and estate workers. The village of Braco was created out of land originally owned by James Masterton of Braco Castle Estate. On 27th May 1815, several people rushed to the castle in order to acquire the best plots and, over the succeeding months and years, the village began to grow.

Two hundred years later, Braco and the surrounding communities are still going strong, although it has undergone a considerable transformation. However, those first inhabitants of our village would still recognise many of the buildings lived and worked in today. In marking the passing of two centuries, we would like to find out more about what has gone before. And to celebrate what it means to live here now.

On this blog, you can find out what’s happening here in 2015, delve deeper into the history of Braco and Greenloaning, and add your own comments and information to help make this a truly memorable year.

Clock Tower Braco

3 thoughts on “About Braco 200

  1. Braco 200 anniversary 2015 is also the GURKHA 200 designed to represent 200 years of Gurkha service to the British Crown.
    And to Quote my father in law ” without them we would have been still fighting the WW2
    Maybe you would like to see what they have done for us then go to http://www.gurkha200.co.uk or contact me any time and if I cannot help then Go to Legion Scotland who have all the answers.


  2. Keith Lawrence says:

    Please checkout Braco 200 photos on “Ardoch in Bloom” facebook site.

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    • ardochtrust says:

      Oh, nice one, Keith (sorry it’s taken me so long to look at our site – just about recovered from the weekend). I was thinking of asking if anyone had pictures – they really are fantastic. Was wondering if we might get some of them for the ADT website? And last weekend’s Ardoch in Bloom was fabulous too. It’s all happening in Braco! Cheers. Fiona


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