Events at a glance


Saturday 20th June ~ Street Party

Sunday 28th June ~ Braco 200 Duck Race, BBQ & Fun Day

Fillols flags




Food, drink, music, sunshine (maybe!) Bring your own picnic and join friends and family for an afternoon and evening of celebration and entertainment. Leave the names of those who would like to come either here or email Numbers will be limited, so don’t miss out.

Outline of the day

3pm – festivities commence with our Street Party picnic in Feddal Road

4pm – the Antonine Guard will perform some manoeuvres in the park

c.5.30 pm – open mic session in the hall (contact Fiona Chalamanda – to sign up or do it on the day)

c.6 pm bbq – sausages and burgers on sale

c.7.30 pm – disco

c.9.30 pm – The Sourmash Blues Band

Please note that these timings are guidelines only – who knows what will actually happen!

Braco 200 Duck Race

BBQ & Fun Day




1.30 – 4 pm

For all the family

At Keir Burn and Silverton Field

BBQ Burgers or Sausages available

Archery Stall, Golf Target, Rat Catcher games etc

Ardoch Parish Church of Scotland Charity registered in Scotland Charity No. SC000139


History Fair

weekend of 30th/31st May

Well, what an amazing weekend. Around 200 people ventured into Braco school to explore a dazzling array of material and to talk to our experts. Old photographs, maps, memorabilia, copies of land auctions, extracts from old documents – you name, we had it. All in all, it was a wonderful evocation of the past 200 years. Most remarkable was the visit of a lady whose father had been headmaster in the 1930s. She lived in the school house, but had to leave during the summer holidays when her father sadly died in post. How nice to welcome her back!

Our Heritage 200

Presentation of Music and Dance

Written and performed by the pupils of Braco and Greenloaning primary schools

Thursday 26th March 2015

6 pm Greenloaning Primary School


No-one who who came to this remarkable event will ever forget it. Dressed in fluorescent green and yellow, the children danced, played and sang their hearts out with such flair and passion and with such insight into what it means to live here. Above all, they looked so happy.

16 thoughts on “Events

  1. David May says:

    Hi, how would I go about getting tickets for the street party?


  2. ardochtrust says:

    Hi David. Sorry not to get back sooner. There are no tickets as such for the street party, but I am happy to take names (we will probably put a sign-up list in the shop). Let me know how many of you would like to come and you will be first! Thanks. Fiona


  3. Fiona Brackpool says:

    Hi Fiona
    Where is the street party being held? Alison and I may come up and bring Mum down to it. Might not be for the picnic as we won’t have time to prepare for that.
    Is there a schedule of what is happening?

    Fiona (MacIver)


  4. ardochtrust says:

    Hi Fiona. It would be lovely if you all could come. Basically we are setting up tables and chairs in Feddal Road outside the hall and people are bringing their own food and drink to begin at 3pm. There will be entertainment in the hall from 5.30. Hope that helps. But let me know if there’s anything else and any final numbers. Cheers. Fiona


    • Fiona Brackpool says:

      Many thanks for that Fiona. Will chat to Alison.


      • Fiona Brackpool says:

        Hi Fiona
        Alison and I will be up to attend the celebrations. Braco has been the family home for over 40 years and both dad and mum have played a big part in the village life.
        Will probably have to drive mum down but will see how she is on her pins.
        Look forward to seeing you all.



      • Fiona Brackpool says:

        Forgot to say yes we will be for picnic.


  5. Julia Fyfe says:

    Hi Fiona. Just to let you know there will be about fourteen of us who will be attending street party. Have Gazebo Tables & chairs etc. Any help you need let me know. Julia


    • ardochtrust says:

      Hi Julia. That’s brilliant. I will put you down for that. Do you have an email address I can use (so that I can get in touch with everyone at once)? Failing that, a phone number would be great. Very kind on the help – might get back to you on that, but in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for a day like today! Cheers. Fiona


      • Julia Fyfe says:

        Sorry Fiona didnt reply sooner. Got the chance to get away. And took it! Looking forward to tomorrow
        What time can we atart putting up gazebos etc? Julia


      • ardochtrust says:

        Sorry, Julia. But it all worked out in the end. Thank goodness the weather was so good! Hope to see you next year. Fiona


    • ardochtrust says:

      That’s fabulous, Julia. I’ve got you down. If you fancy a stint on either the bar or the bbq, then just let me know (the more volunteers, the shorter the stints, but no worries at all if you’d rather not). Also, do you have an email – I will write to everyone next week with final arrangements. Many thanks. Fiona


  6. Fiona Brackpool says:

    Mum, Alison and I would like to congratulate everyone involved with yesterday’s celebrations. The picnic was a fabulous idea and I know Mum enjoyed being out and seeing people she doesn’t normally see.
    Would have loved to be around for next weekends events but both Alison and I have other engagements.
    Anyway, it was a fab day.
    Fiona (MacIver)


    • Fiona Watson says:

      Thanks, Fiona. It was great to see you all and your mum still remembered about the street party days afterwards, which is fabulous. We are thinking of making it annual, but not thinking about that just now. Have a great summer and see you soon. Fiona


  7. Anne Hogg says:

    Thanks for organising a great event and much appreciate all the hard work.We all had a fabulous time


    • Fiona Watson says:

      Thanks, Anne. Weren’t we lucky with the weather! So glad everyone seemed to have a good time. Might consider doing it every year, though it would be hard to make it as good as that. See you soon. Fiona


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