~ Key places

Some things seem to stay the same; others change completely or even disappear. Here you can find some short histories of a number of these key places. More will be added as the year progresses.

The Church

Braco church shares the same turbulent history as elsewhere in Scotland. Click Braco parish church to download Maitland Kelly’s account.


Greenloaning Station

No longer with us, alas, but once a vitally important part of our community. Click Greenloaning station to download Maitland Kelly’s account.

One thought on “~ Key places

  1. Mari says:

    Re. David Bonallo was called in December 1844 and remained until 1859. As some of the south windows were built up in 1862, could this mean that the pre 1892 photo is pre 1862? This would make it a very early photograph. Or were the south windows built up only in 1892?


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